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LLP Grundtvig Learning Partnership 2008-2010: MEDIALOGUES


With an existing ‘digital generation’ in place or not, childhood today is now permeated, and in a series of respects even defined, by contemporary media – research shows again and again that children and youth spend more time with various media than they do on any other activity except from sleeping. While it is true that the current media-saturated environment obviously also has a consistent impact on adults, the advent of digital technologies generates in adults an acute sense of exclusion from youth’s digital culture. Since it is acknowledged that families play a key role in literacy learning, due to a range of diverse social and cultural practices, the Partnership addressed this divergence among literacies induced by ‘classic’ and digital cultural forms by: exploring various social and cultural practices in the family, as modified by the new cultural forms generated by digital technologies; and drawing out implications of findings by generating a collection of case studies and best practices for the use of trainers involved in inter-generational and family learning.

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