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LLP Grundtvig Learning Partnership 2010-2012: SUSTAINABLE EDUCATIONAL APPROACHES TO LANDSCAPE – Project coordinator Y.E.S.


The European Landscape Convention specify that “each party undertakes to promote” different trainings and courses, in order to ensure public participation for: identifying the own landscapes; analyse their characteristics, forces and pressures which transform them; assess them taking into account the particular values assigned them by the population concerned. This project aims: – help local communities to sustainable develop, by teaching them how to assess their landscapes in order to valorise natural and cultural heritage; – help institutions to develop educational tools for further trainings about ELC (by using also non-formal tools). – share experiences in order to offer better training for people who can involve in ELC implementation (authorities, multiplicators etc.). This will help also people in disadvantaged area to better valorise their resources and prevent that seasonal people and “visitors” jeopardise the local nature and culture. The partners will collate their good practices obtaining general guidelines in introducing ELC issues (protected area, cultural and architectural heritage, Local Agenda 21, aestethical education, working with rural communities in non-formal ways) in the educational process, to be used outside the partnership. The findings and materials will be diseminated through relevant workshops, written and multimedia materials, virtual space (ITC).

More info are available at:

SEAL website

SEAL blog

European Shared Treasure database

The project was elected as STAR PROJECT 2012 by Italian National Agency: it is a prize for the best projects in terms of quality of the activities carried on during the project lifetime (results, objectives, dissemination and sustainability).

The following video is a presentation for the event “STAR PROJECT” in  Florence (Italy) on 10th May 2013.


SEAL PRESENTAZIONE FIRENZEmpeg from YouthEuropeService on Vimeo.